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8 by 10 Cinderella


8 by 10" Print of Cinderella

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Title: "Cinderella"

Quote: "Cinderella didn't ask for a prince. She asked for a dress and a night off"  - Kiera Cass

As a kid I always illustrated Cinderella. Thinking back - I never drew the prince. I drew Cinderella, her room, her dress, her carriage, her shoes... What I liked about Cinderella was that she was so kind regardless of what was happening around her.


I have worked with at risk youth for many years and one of the biggest obstacles for these females - is understanding that they don't need some one to "complete" them or make them feel "worthy."

When we take the time to grow on our own (as an individual), we learn to accomplish things on our own, we learn about ourselves, we become strong, our voice becomes clearer - we learn that we are just enough as ourselves. We then can go into a relationship as one full part instead of two broken parts coming together.

Regardless of what was happening to Cinderella, she was positive, grateful, kind, and she held onto hope and trust.

She stayed humble and didn't get into negative mode where she was miserable. She hung in there understanding that one day this will be over. Because if there is anything consistent in life - it is change.

She lived a life not stuck in the mentality of defeat or lack, but in the life of hope and thankfulness.

Cinderella didn't go looking for the prince, her presence drew him.

Cinderella was confident in herself, her inner beauty glowed from the inside out. She went into that ball owning it. The prince had no choice but to notice her. She lived how she was supposed to and she attracted what was hers.

So next you watch the movie or read the story, remember Cinderella really didn't ask for a prince...she just needed one night off and a beautiful dress.

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