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8 by 10 Story Books


8 by 10" Print of  Story Books

Price: $15.00

Title: "Story Books"

Quote: "At any time you have the Power to change your story."

Sometimes my artwork is inspired by an image or a quote. This time it was by this quote. I wanted to convey how would I have power to change my story? Through words? choices? decisions...? of all those words "CHOICE" was the one that stood out the most. So I wanted the girl to have many books and stories to choose from.

Remember those books when we were kids...the one if you chose one option or another you would could change the ending of the book? I think they were "Choose your own Adventure Books." We had the power to change our story in those books by the choices we made - why not in our life story?

In the field I work in, many of the victims go BACK to their abuser up to seven times before they finally CHOOSE to say enough is enough and I'm leaving no matter what. Those seven times could be because they didn't have enough support, money, job, childcare, etc..., but that seventh time (or third, or fifth) could be the one time that they CHOSE to not be a victim anymore and change their story, especially how it's going to end.

Not all of our lives are to that point, however, we all have that same POWER to CHOSE -

CHOICE between staying at a job you don't like or pursue your dream.

CHOICE between living in familiarity where all is comfortable or venturing out to somewhere new

CHOICE between living authentically or following what the world says how you have to be.

CHOICE between focusing on this or that over there

CHOICE between letting this circumstance kill you or make you stronger

CHOICE between going thru this door or another door choice

: the act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities

: the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities

: the opportunity or power to make a decision

: a range of things that can be chosen

I'm not saying that we all have to run out, join a circus, move into an RV and travel, but we do have the power to choose to change how our life's story is going right at this moment by the power of Choice.

 GOOD Luck in your adventure!

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