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Life is a Circus 5 by 7 Series

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Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth - Life! The series has 16 different circus characters. .

The characters; The ringleader, Beauty, Lion Tamer, Aerial Artist, Clown, Contortionist, High Dive Act, Knife Thrower's Assistant, Balancing Act, fire Eater, The Tattooed Lady, Elephant Act, the Fat Lady, Strength, and more.

You will receive sixteen   5 by 7 inch prints, shipped in clear envelopes and backing board.

FREE shipping.

Lessons include: Beauty, inner critic, being fearless, Humor, choices, Adapting, taking a risk, trust, balance, being unique, healing, it ain't over until it's over.

Each character has a lesson to teach. For example, "The Bearded Lady" whose name is "Beauty" and her lesson is about us embracing our features for what they are and not for what society tries to make us believe they should be

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