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8 by 10 Choice


Title: Choice

"Choice" is about - The circus elephant is huge, she can knock down a house or uproot a tree if she wanted to, but she doesn't. The elephant stays performing at the circus. When an elephant is a baby, she is tied to a tree with a strong rope every night. She tries to run off, but she can't because she's too small to break the rope. One day, she just gives up and doesn't try to break free anymore. Later when the elephant is 10, 000 pounds and 13 feet long, she will continue to stay restrained, but now, only by a small chain. She doesn't break free because she believes there are limitations present that are not really there. Maybe when you were young someone told you that you couldn’t do anything right or you were told you weren't smart enough, pretty enough, or tall enough. It doesn't matter what idea got stuck in your head, you can choose now to not let imaginary chains hold you back. Don't be like the elephant, break free!

This is part of the "Life is a Circus...Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth" Series. Each piece of art work will be accompanied by a page with a "positive note" and quote just like the one above.

This will be part of a book that I am hoping to complete to give away to each female youth who leaves our emergency shelter. The book is Available on

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