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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. —Eleanor Roosevelt

You have to tame that inner critic, just like the lion tamer tames that roaring lion. Sometimes when you try to step out of the box, that "scary, loud, inner critic" will try to talk you out of what you are planning to do. Your "inner critic" very assertively tells you that it's too late, it will take too much work, it's too risky, people won't like it, what if you fail. A way to tame your inner critic is by talking to someone and saying those ridiculous "inner critic" lies out loud. It helps you to see that your "inner critic" is like a roaring lion with no teeth.

This is part of the "Life is a Circus...Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth" Series. Each piece of art work will be accompanied by a page with a "positive note" and quote just like the one above.

This will be part of a book that I am hoping to complete to give away to each female youth who leaves our emergency shelter.

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