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8 by 10 Print Ringleader of My life


"Ringleader" is about how you run the show in your life by the decisions you make and what you allow and don't allow in your life. The ringmaster is in charge of the show, don't let someone else run your show.

Title: "Ringeleader of My life"

 Size: 8 x 10" illustration on 8 1/2 by 11" paper.

 Quote: "Ringleader."

 Gift Ideas: This would be great for new college student, dreamer, new business owner, artist, any creative person, someone who needs that extra encouragement to get motivated, for that fabulous friend that you want them to know how awesome they are, or just simply becuase you want it!

 This is a print of my original illustration and will be signed by me.

 Colors vary monitor to monitor.

 Comes in a clear protective sleeve with backing board.

 Does not come framed.

 Margie's Art Studio watermark will not appear on your print.


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